[Artist Feature] The Nixon Tapes

By: Ben Saunders

After being in a band for about a year or so, shows go from the highlight of your week to another notch on the bedpost. The same venues, faces and the rush that never leaves but instead sinks deeper, only to be felt when the moments right.
Amid the countless bands that get by ripping off the flavors of the day with some success. The acoustic singers desperate to make you forget that they started this because of “Hey there Delilah”, and your own shitty group of poseurs. There are a select few who seem out of place. The Nixon Tapes are one of those bands.
Consisting of 4 members with a collective age of one and a quarter Dave Grohls, and a sound that the “king of real rock n’ roll, bro” would more than approve of, The Nixon Tapes got their start young.
“Our first name was The Blank Canvas ,and we were REALLY proud of it in the tenth grade,” said Taylor Neal, the bands guitarist.
Starting out with a different line up and a sound that was closer to pop rock, the band moved more towards the alt-emo sound after having lead singer Carson Hall take over the lions share of the vocals.
“We started to write a bit heavier, and we were really confused as to the sound we wanted,” said Neal. “I think we are still trying to get there.”
One place that the band has certainly already got mapped out, is the arena of live performance. Every Nixon Tapes show has dynamics that evoke Kurt Cobain as a worship pastor, with saccharine vocals descending into hell like Icarus as they reach their pinnacle.
“The dynamic contrast that we present live is something that we want to have presented the studio,” said Neal.
The band is currently in the process of demoing out their new material, a process that they say is thoroughly rewarding, and different from what they have previously offered.
“There seems to be more written out, partial bass lines,” said Jack Hoag, the groups bassist.
While the band would describe themselves at an in-pass, anyone that sees The Nixon Tapes live can tell you that they are a band seemingly fully formed out of nowhere. Have them impress you at your nearest house show, or check them out here: http://www.nixontapesmusic.com/

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