Woolbright Releases Second Single: Four Walls

By: Kevin Renard

Davie native indie-rockers Woolbright are here again, and it seems to me like they’re picking up some general steam. Heralding their forthcoming album is a new single, titled “Four Walls”. Listen on Punktastic: HERE! 

In covering their last track, I was offered a brief glimpse as to what the content of the record would be and what Woolbright was about, considering I went into that review mostly blind. With this new track the scope seems infinitely wider and clearer and introduction has started to melt into familiarity, at least to some degree. There’s an obvious string that ties this song to “What’s it Going to Be?” as far as emotional weight and themes like discomfort and the seemingly human subject the lyricist has conflict with. It manages to be similar instrumentally and stylistically as well without being a carbon copy of the earlier single’s structure. Candice Maritato’s exemplary voice demands a sort of soft, somber mirroring through the other instruments’ melodies and rhythms; once again it does seem to be the weighted force of the song but for now the other musicians keep it from being completely overbalanced, thankfully, even at the song’s climax. It’s a tall order, considering Maritato’s heft and range emotionally and vocally that’s exemplified in this song. There’s a distinct feeling of 00’s flavored indie within the track, but swings in favor of the style’s lyrical profundity to avoid the tacky aftertastes.

If you aren’t already acquainted with this Florida outfit, now might be a good time. Look out for their album Busybody Lazybones due 8/6 on Whelmed Records.








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