[Photo Set] GUTFest: Rayya, Street Rat, Robin Best, Carly Shooster, Theatre Strike Force.

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Photos below were taking during performances at M.A.M.A.’s Club and The Civic Media Center on July 21st, the first day of GUTFest.

“GUTFest exists to empower emerging artists to make risky, diverse, and interesting art by providing them with the opportunity to have their work seen. We want to promote Gainesville as an emergent arts center in the region and reach underserved audiences in the greater Gainesville community.” – GUTFest Story





Rayya singing at M.A.M.A.’s Club


Street Rat:

Street Rat laying it down at the Civic Media Center. 

Robin Best:

Robin Best bathed in lights while performing at M.A.M.A.’s Club. 

Carly Shooster:

Carly Shooster

Carly Shooster at the Civic Media Center. 


Theatre Strike Force: 

Theatre Strike Force

Theatre Stike Force performing comedy at M.A.M.A.’s Club










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