[Artist Feature] Woolbright: Busybody Lazybones Commentary From Candice Maritato

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

I first discovered Woolbright back in early 2016 a few weeks before their short tour with Insignificant Other. After listening to some of their demos and seeing them live, I was impressed. Along with being talented musicians with a dynamic sound, their lyrics have a depth that I’ve clung to.  They touch on a variety of issues ranging from relationships of any kind to family matters and depression.

So far, from what I’ve heard of their two singles off their debut record Busybody Lazybones which will be released August 9th via Whelmed Records, they’ve continued to touch on personal subjects while still letting each song’s meaning be up to interpretation. As someone who clings on to words and is always curious as to where artists draw their inspiration, I’m glad the band has provided a track by track commentary which is told by the band’s singer, songwriter and guitarist Candice Maritato.

From listening to the commentary, it seems that the album is a collection of vulnerable moments as the songs have been in the works for different periods of time throughout the band’s career.


Track 1

Symbiotic Harmony

Track 2

19th Street

Track 3


Track 4


Track 5

What’s It Gonna Be

Track 6


Track 7

Happy Birthday

Track 8

Sock Drawer

Track 9

Four Walls

Track 10







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