DONKNG Homecoming: With RV And Theo Burrows

By: Kevin Renard

Part of me wants everyone to stop hosting house shows here in the summer. They’re unforgiving, and the dumpster forgives even less. But I hope that didn’t keep you from this show. DONKNG could play a set on the Serengeti and if I was in town, I’d just bring a water bottle.

Theo Burrows was the first to play for the night. I might be partial to him. Not because I know him super well, but because I ended up in his room after he played a show there and he had around 5 Radiohead posters and overall seems like a good guy. I don’t know a ton of people dedicated to Radiohead. But, those who are, generally are good people; maybe it helps. His music harkens back to the golden age of alternative, and manages to sound much bigger than just a person and a guitar.

RV was next; the out-of-towners from Orlando. I’m from there, so I’m partial to them too. You can’t trust anything I say. Replacement drummer and pulled cables notwithstanding, they sounded good. I’ve heard an awful lot of post-punk recently but I’m not going to complain just yet. The music was clean, the grooves were infectious. The vocalist/rhythm guitarist Justin Burns took their shoes and sock and it felt right.

DONKNG is one of Gainesville’s most prolific local bands. Someone in my Lit class was wearing one of their shirts one day; that must mean they’re huge. They didn’t disappoint at their homecoming, any weariness from traveling didn’t seem to show, everyone sounded clean. I haven’t been this into Rock’n’Roll for ages. I thought I didn’t believe in it any more. See them at a house or somewhere small before they blow up and only play arenas.



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