Q&A: Consent Talk Goals, Influences & must-see bands at FEST.

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Made up of Bianca Joy Runkles and Maxim White, the two-piece band Consent will be playing Fest 16 on Saturday, October 28 at The Boxcar from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm. We spoke to the band about their influences, who they’re looking forward to seeing at Fest and more.


Can you introduce yourself and your role in the band?

Maxim: I play drums live and lead guitar, bass, and backup vocals on our recordings.

Bianca: I sing and play guitar.

You recently released an animated video for the song “What Is Left Of Me”. Can you explain why you decided to do it that way and what the process for creating it was like?

Maxim: We were hanging out one night after practice and found this funny music video and thought it would be funny to put our song on it and then it matched almost perfectly so we posted it and took all the credit for making it.

What is your writing and recording process usually like?

Bianca: It normally happens in two was either I write something at my house and one day we jam on it and work it out into a song for the band or in the process of practicing we mess around and sometimes find something that’s just clicks.

Maxim: Recording is us bickering with each other and getting drunk, very stressful.  Writing is us jamming to odd riffs and then turning them into songs.  We have a very solid connection for improving together and that is the band I’d say.  Bianca also written about 100 songs of her own.  I told her this weekend that she’s wrote every combination of song possible.  So sometimes we’ll pull one of those songs out of her hat and play those.

What are some of your current influences?

Bianca: I don’t really write like what Iisten to but the cranberries , cults , the cardigans and garbage are my normal go to on Spotify but all of my lyrics are pretty much a auto biography of my life

Maxim: As always long time influences that definitely play into our band are Caddywhompus and Look Mexico. But recently I’ve really been into Prince Daddy [& The Hyena], Alvvays and Cursive’s Ugly Organ.  If you’re reading this and never listened to Caddywhompus please do that next.

Is there anything you’re currently working on that you can tell us about?

Bianca: We are always in writing mode so there’s always a chance a new song is  in the process but after fest we will be focusing on laying down some songs and getting another music video out.

What are some things you’d like to accomplish within the next year?

Maxim: We’ve been a band for five years now which mostly has been us not playing for years at a time.  In the past 14 months we’ve only played one show.  We only really had one year where we’ve been active and we’re grateful about the support we still get from that time. We kinda do what we want and when we want to.  At the minimum I hope to record a few new songs next year as I’m really hyped on our new material.  Maybe we won’t do anything, maybe we’ll do some big touring.  Just getting together and playing music with my best friend is the main thing though, I don’t really care if it’s on the internet or in front of an audience.  And that’s guaranteed to happen.

What should people expect from your set at Fest and what are some bands that you’re excited to see?

Bianca: We have a few new songs in the set and it’s pretty different other than a few old goodies we’ve kept in. Id say the set is brighter than usual and def stuff you could sing along to and have a fun. And as for the bands I wanna see Slingshot Dakota (Max has me listen to them all the time) and Wet Nurse they’re amazing.

Maxim: Gutless and Consent reunion, our lovers, really excited to play a show with them again.  If it wasn’t for Gutless I don’t think we would have continued being a band.  We definitely motivated each other to grow when we were both starting out. And I’m really proud of the new material we’ve wrote, it’s catchy and simple at times and odd and technical at others.  Not going to shout any big bands of which I only want to see a few anyway, BUT!  Everyone needs to check out Woolbright and ZETA!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Bianca: This is gonna be my first fest and I can’t believe we get to play it’s an honor and I can’t wait to just play hang out w/ friends and see some amazing shows.

Maxim: We started this band in Ocala, FL and got made fun of and no one would book us.  So now all this time later to receive any kind of support is very humbling.  Thank you for interviewing us and big ups to EVERYONE in the music community.

Photo by Jeremy McGuire

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