[Photo Set] DONKNG, Kinder Than Wolves, Henrietta & Alumine at Loosey’s

By: Eliza Goldstein

As I walked into Loosey’s last Wednesday night with my close friend Lindsy, the air was tense. We stood in line Flaco’s to get some dinner. The small sandwich shop was crowded but felt almost silent. Reporters with cameras larger than my head filed in and out of the downtown bars and cafe. All day I had been hearing about the growing police and military presence on UF’s campus. Everyone was getting ready for Richard Spencer’s arrival on Thursday. I was tense, nervous and apprehensive about what event may unfold, but determined to have fun at Loosey’s. My friends’ bands were playing and I wasn’t about to let a Nazi take the night’s enjoyment away from me, no matter what the next day held.



In an act of solidarity, local openers DONKNG sported world cup jerseys from their home countries; vocalist/guitarist Camilo Isaza and drummer Juan Salguero representing Colombia, bassist Matt Dobrzanski representing the US and guitarist Charpie Torres wearing the colors of his home, Chile. The band’s performance was the tightest I’ve ever seen them, accentuating, in a small and simple way, Richard Spencer’s call against immigration and globalization.

Kinder Than Wolves:


Kinder Than Wolves are currently on a short tour supporting Orlando’s Henrietta. The three piece, also from Orlando, blend dreamy guitars and steady drums with Paige Coley’s soothing vocals.



I’ve been wanting to see Henrietta for a long time, and they did not disappoint. Vocalist Manny Urdaneta sings with the conviction and raw emotion of artists like David Bazan and John Van Deusen of The Lonely Forest.



In light of upcoming events, Alumine announced they were not going to perform their headlining set that evening. Instead, lead guitarist/vocalist Alu sat down on stage and informed the audience about Cameron Padgett’s actions that night, their fears and concerns about Spencer’s speech and the repercussions it would bring. Alu is an vocal activist in Gainesville’s music scene and urged the audience to protest on Thursday, but to also keep themselves and their loved ones safe.






Kinder Than Wolves:







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