Q&A: Wolf-Face Talk Lyrics, Live Shows and More

By: Daniel Villamil

The St. Petersburg, Florida band is best known for their distinct look. We caught up with the band’s lead singer Michael J. Wolf to discuss lyrics, upcoming plans and more.


How did Wolf-Face first start?
It all started after my experience as a beloved werewolf high school basketball star. Many of the lessons I learned during those years could not remain contained within me and are lessons I felt others could relate to. So I recorded some super hot tracks and recruited my favorite werewolf pack mates to join me and we started playing shows and the rest is history.

You go for a very distinct and unique look with your performances. What inspired that?
We just like to be ourselves. I don’t have much respect for gimmick bands because I feel having to wear goofy Mohawks to fit in, or dressing up like pirates or some goofy shit when a band plays is just lame. Usually that means they’re just trying to distract the audience from their shitty music. From the beginning I always said we are just gonna be ourselves and let the music speak for itself. That’s what Wolf-Face is all about. I never want my message to get diluted by some silly side show act.

Being from St. Pete, what is the music scene like there?
I love it just because there are some really fun smaller venues to play. The best spots to play are small, easy to pack places so everyone can just sweat all over each other. There’s quite a few great spots like that in St. Pete and there are plenty of fucked up people ready to party.

What are the lyrical themes explored in your debut album Still a Son of a Bitch?
It’s about my struggles since being thrust into the limelight as a teenage celebrity. It’s a blessing and a curse. The lyrics are about learning who you can trust and who your true friends are. They’re about learning to love yourself even with your shortcomings and other people’s expectations. They’re about believing in yourself and realizing that nothing good comes easy. And they’re about having pubes on my face.

You’ve released a few music videos over the years. What was your favorite music video to shoot, and why?
I think the best shoot was when that silly band Metallica agreed to shoot footage at a maximum security prison for our recent music video for the hit song, “Death to Wolf Poseurs.” Metallica had been bugging us about collaborating on something for years and finally we were like, alright dudes, go lip sync our song at a prison or something and film it and then we will make something watchable out of it. And that’s exactly what happened.

How has the band changed since its inception?
Other than getting some ass cheek tattoos and some grey hairs, we really haven’t changed much over the years. I guess we have learned to manage our fame and fortune much better and have learned to stay humble despite being the envy of all our fans and most other bands.

You did a split album with Teen Agers. What was that like?
That was awesome. I love how that record came out. Hot tunes and the artwork and everything kicks ass. Those Teen Agers dudes can’t play basketball for shit but they were good sports about it and they know how to write hot tracks. Say-10 Records did an awesome job getting that record made.

What is your favorite song to play live?
Probably “Put Me in Coach…On Second Thought Go Fuck Yourself.” The issues I tackle in the lyrics to that song still hit very close to home for me and many of my adoring fans so there’s always a real visceral reaction from everyone in the room when we play that track.

What does next year for Wolf-Face look life?
A new record is finally in the works. I’m sure we also have a few cease and desist letters and threats of lawsuits heading our way from the big wigs in Hollywood. Luckily we have the accumulated enough funds to retain a veritable dream team of attorneys to mount our defense so no worries.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Yea, Owen is a Dracula. Fucking phony.


Music: https://wolf-face.bandcamp.com/



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