Q&A: Expert Timing Discuss Their EP, Upcoming Release & More

By: Eliza Goldstein

Made up of guitarist/vocalist Jeff Snyder, bassist/vocalist Katrina Snyder and Gibran Colbert, Expert Timing is an indie rock band from Orlando,FL. Back in March, they released their first EP Selective Hearing through Death Protector Collective. During Fest weekend, we were able to sit down with the band to discuss the EP, their Fest set and more.

Have you been to Fest before?

Katrina: This is going to be our fourth Fest.

Jeff: It’s our first playing as Expert Timing. Last year, we played as Awkward Age and the year before that we got added the weekend of Fest because a band dropped off as Living Decent. The first year, we just went for fun.

Have you noticed a difference being an audience member as opposed to playing in a band?

Katrina: Not necessarily, Fest is just so fun and it’s what you put into it. We come here and we just want to see all of our friends and feel that sense of community and love. That’s what we got that first year. I didn’t even play an instrument the first year that we came to Fest and because of Fest, I was like “I want to do this”.

Between Pre-Fest and Fest, did you have a favorite set or moment?

Katrina: When we played the Pre-fest set, I thought “well there’s no way Fest is going to top that”. But then we played Fest and it was just wonderful. We really have some amazing friends that show up and love us.

Gibran: I had met Tom from Slingshot Dakota before I had even met Jeff and Katrina but I had never had a chance to see them play. To see their Pre-Fest and Fest set was such a great experience. Just getting to see Tom play drums and hearing the difference with what he did with Selective Hearing was great and I’m really glad I got to meet them and hangout with them all weekend.

Jeff: Fest was next level. The set that we played at Boca was the craziest set I’ve ever played in my life, hands down. The support of all the people that came and watched us, that set wins.

Katrina: We had a chant for out dog’s name and you know that’s a victory, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.  People singing to sleep kind of blew my mind.

Gibran: We left to get food and came back and it went from just a few people to being surrounded by people and that just pumped me full of adrenaline.

Katrina: I was tearing up towards the end, it was really special.

Who is your top band from the weekend?

Jeff: Thin Lips, they don’t play here that often.

Gibran: I was very pleasantly surprised by Great Cynics. That’s one for the books.

Jeff: I don’t remember the name but at the ending, they played a song like seven times. I guess they had more time that they needed to fill. And after the fourth time, you’re like “okay, they’re done” but then the guitarist and the drummer switched spots. They gave the guitar to someone that was just hanging out and were like “can someone play this?” and they did.

Katrina: It’s stuff that only a really tight band can pull off.

With your EP Selective Hearing which was release back in March, what has the reaction been like so far?

Katrina: It’s been wonderful, it’s super positive. If just one person listened to it and liked it, that would’ve been great. Everyone’s been really nice and super supportive. Even the song ‘Sleep’, I like that everyone seems to connect with it even though it’s super personal to me and Jeff. It’s kind of our autobiography in a way, it’s a story of being in Pennsylvania and moving but people really connect to it and that’s special.

Jeff: Just having anybody take an interest in what you’re doing is amazing. Having people like Randy, Steven and David from Dikembe take us on under their wing and take us on tour has just been so helpful and nice. We toured with them for a week in March in the southeast and it was really cool.

On your BandCamp, it states that your EP was recorded in New York City. Can you talk about what that experience was like?

Katrina: We worked with Jon Markson who is in Such Gold and is an old friend of Jeff’s.

Jeff: John’s been a friend of mine for a long time, when we were like sixteen, he played guitar in a band that I was in and we’ve been in touch ever since. He’s just an amazing producer and audio engineer. He’s got a loft space in Brooklyn so we just stayed with him and it was before Gibran was in the band and Tom from Slingshot Dakota played drums on our EP. He was in Pennsylvania so we flew to Pennsylvania and drove up to Brooklyn.

Katrina: The studio space that we got to use was beautiful. We had twelve-hour days and it was great.

How long did it take to record the EP?

Jeff: We did a whole day on drums and a whole day doing guitars. We had two days doing bass and vocals. It was about four days and it was super easy.

Instrumentally and lyrically, what is the writing process generally like?

Jeff: I play guitar constantly and usually, it comes together pretty organically. Depending on what key it’s in, we figure out who’s going to sing it and whose voice sounds better.

Katrina: Or who has melody ideas. Sometimes Jeff has melody ideas and I end up singing it or vice versa. The Gibran pretty much figures out drums.

Gibran: I’ll get a little recording on my phone and I’ll sit and listen to it and figure it out.

Jeff: It’s so easy to share ideas at any time.

Is there any new music that fans can look forward to?

Jeff: We’re working on a new record, it’s a full length. The drums are done and it’s written so hopefully we can finish it within the next few weeks and early next year have a LP out.

Katrina: We’re recording it with Dikembe so we’re kind of merging schedules.

Jeff: We’re recording it in Gainesville with David Bell so we just have to come up from Orlando.

Katrina: We’re super excited about it. It’s a good evolution of our stuff.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Katrina: I guess just that Florida has a really sick scene right now. Like Woolbright, Gutless, Kinder Than Wolves and Gouge Away. We got to see Woolbright recently when we played with them and their new record is fantastic.

Jeff: We’re excited about the new The Pauses record.

Gibran: I think Wet Nurse is currently working on something.

Katrina: Sometimes people talk crap about the Florida scene but there’s some really great bands and people just have to put in the energy to figure out what’s bad and make that better and make it what they want it to be. We have a lot of talent here and there’s no reason why we can’t nurture that.

Jeff: Also, anyone can book a show, anyone can do it. Especially if you’re in a band, people will ask you to play shows and you can really curate that and make an effort to be diverse.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/experttimingband/

Bandcamp: https://experttiming.bandcamp.com/


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