Q&A: Chaser Discuss Working With Alan Day, the South Florida Music Scene & More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Made up of  lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Cook, bassist/lead vocalist Joe Lopez, drummer Matt Eaton and rhythm guitarist Tommy Ricardo, Chaser is a rock band from Palm Beach, Florida. We were able to talk to the band about their debut EP, Take What You’re Given,  their local music scene and more.


Being a relatively new band, can you talk about how you’ve grown as a band since its formation?

Tommy : It depends on how you think about it we started off as four random guys playing-

Matt: Pop Punk-

Tommy: Pop Punk music in Matt’s upstairs room like four years ago and now here we are actually doing it and doing it what we love that is playing different shows in different places but since chaser started, the way we’ve grown we’ve gotten the chance to be able to play the music we’ve recorded and get really into the nitty gritty of bonding with each other and really getting close on the road over the last year and stuff like that has really made us grow and I believe it has even influenced our new sound and in a lot of ways we’ve grown in good and positive ways and I feel is reflecting in our new music and the future we’re stoked for it.

Your debut EP, Take What You’re Given, was recorded in Wachusett Recording Studios in Massachusetts with Alan Day of Four Year Strong. Can you talk about that experience? Why did you decided to work with him and what was it like?

Matt: We decided to go with Alan because he is in Four Year Strong and FYS has been a huge inspiration for us for a long time seeing all the work he’s done and all the touring experience he has had we want to work with someone like that and being alongside a person like that brought out what type of music we wanted to play and that going on. But we decided on mike and him cause they’re a great team they work awesome together we worked with them two times now and both times have been amazing.

Ryan: Yeah, his production style he really knows what he’s talking about he’s a great songwriter, so he added an element to our sound that we didn’t really have-

Tommy: -he really brought out the best in us.

Ryan: Yea he didn’t really change us he just listened to what we did best-

Matt: – he nudged us in the right direction

Ryan: -and told us to do that instead. I think it was really good creative input for our record.

Can you describe your writing and recording process?

R: Well Tommy and I write riffs in our bedroom and then we just bring it to each other and say “hey listen what can you do with this” and then after we change it up a little bit and format the song we bring it to matt and joe. Joe writes his bass parts matt writes his drum parts-

Ryan: -and we structure out the song.

Matt:  Which is the biggest part.

Ryan: Then we start going through changes making sure its as polished as it can be.

Matt: To this day we’re making sure we mark all the boxes Alan taught us all the stuff he told us to do we still do it every time we write a new song

Ryan: Joe writes the lyrics basically off what we’ve written then we go into the studio that’s when work out the vocal melodies

What were some of your goals with this EP?

Joe: when it came to conveying a message for me being the lyric writer for the band I definitely wanted to write something that was going to resonate especially in regard to my personal experiences and hardships and my personal struggles that I deal with. I know that there is people out there that go through the same repertoire of feeling kind of like your stuck in a box, and if u notice in Take What You’re given that was a good portion of the theme I wrote in that whether it be from family or from other people that made me feel insignificant I just wanted to write a way where I know there’s people that go through the same thing I want people take it as an aid or guide err not really a guide but you know just take it in a way that is beneficial to them because I know what t is like to go through those struggles and I just try to aid people in the way I know best by putting them into different words through lyrics that’s what I try to convey in our music especially in Take What You’re Given.

Being from South Florida, can you describe the music scene?

 Tommy: Our music scene is incredibly diverse filled with so many amazing bands so many amazing people.

Matt: The scene is big.

Tommy: I mean there’s just so many bands you can’t even name them all.

Matt: Yeah, I mean is just filled with countless number of bands it’s unbelievable.

Tommy: Yeah you have Intervention, you have Northbound, you have Back Home. I mean those are just three bands when there’s a thousand. Far Too Young

Ryan: There’s so many

Tommy: Yeah, we’re just so thankful to have such an awesome scene and I think Florida as a whole not necessarily just South Florida. I think Florida as a whole has such an awesome scene I think Fest is a good example of that, but we’re thankful for it cause at the end of the day. Everybody is able to come together and have a great time in a positive environment but that’s what we love about it that’s why we have such a great scene.

What are some of your favorite bands from that area?


Ryan: oh yeah, Foo Fighters number one that’s one of our biggest inspiration’s

Tommy: CREED BABY!… just joking

Matt: Oh, Northbound

Ryan: Blonde tongues, intervention.

Matt: Intervention, Woolbright, Far Too Young.

Ryan: Boston Marriage.

Matt: Migrate.

Ryan:  Yeah there’s plenty others that we’re missing, Northstreet.

Joe: Northstreet is great.

You’ll be touring with Flight Club in January, what should people expect from that tour?

Matt: We’ll be playing some new songs off of our upcoming EP so that will be really fun-

Joe: -A keg stand at every show.

Matt: We also have new merch that we’ll be bringing up try to sell different types of merchandise that we haven’t sold before. What else? Anything else?

Tommy: expect more energy than we’ve ever brought before cause of the new songs that were able to play. Expect some new gear that’s going to sound pretty awesome, expect a new setlist, and expect a lot of fun and a good time cause that’s all we’re here for.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

Matt: Feeding off the crowd.

Joe: Playing in new places just for me I still love playing in our hometown and Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton we still love those areas. All our friends, we have so many friends that go to our shows and sing our lyrics and support us were very blessed to have those to have people like that in our scene. Personally, for me even just performing itself playing for new people and getting the chance to show them who Chaser is and just finding new opportunities and new places to show people what we got.

Ryan: I just want to make sure people are having a good time that’s what does it for me if someone enjoyed our set and they had a great time that means the world to me; plus playing out is all I care about, music is all I give a shit about so…

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

All: keep your eyes peeled.

Tommy: Yeah, keep an eye out for new music in the coming year keep an eye out for new merch in the new tour and new merch in general throughout the next year too that we just have a lot of stuff to be released we have tours lined up. We’re going to be doing a lot for next year and we can’t wait to get back on the grind and work our asses off. www.Chaserfl.com you can stream our music there were on Spotify, iTunes, Google, Zune if you still use it; we’re on tidal, they got that now were on basically everything so there is no reason not to listen and were happy to be playing music! we love it!

winter tour


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaserflorida/
Bandcamp: https://chaserflorida.bandcamp.com/releases
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaserflorida/


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