‘Something Good’, Indeed. Dunies Full Length Follow-Up

By: Graham Johnson

Way back in June, at the peak of a broiling Gainesville summer, we were treated to Dunies’ solid display of Surf Punk grandeur, Rawndavoo. Then, at the end of August, the band dropped what would be the perfect peak to such a heavy heatwave, Something Good.

As one could assume, Something Good is an even broader bazaar of beachy styles. The beachiest of which happens to be the title track that opens this poppin party playlist. Somehow, in this one track, Dunies have bottled the feeling of movin around in someones living room to everyone’s favorite band. Though, the track that caught my attention was the second on the album, Over It (Baloney).

Over It is a classic surf rock ballad, only Dunies’ style. This track has the band playing in the corner of a smoky old beach bar, the sound of the surf wafting in from the beach; everyone sways about as they take in Dunies’ lament for bullshit.

The album picks right back up and jams out for two tracks, starting with previously reviewed, Rawndavoo. At the time, I said something like: “It paints a picture of punks thrashing a dried up pool in the summer heat, just waiting for the tide to roll in and kick up some killer waves.” As it stands, I’d have to agree with myself on that one. Second up in the dynamic dual jam, and fourth track on the album, Weekend. The track follows suit with the title track and core value of the album, and is possibly Dunies in their purest form.

The albums ends with and old school slowjam entitled, Butterflies, that consequently provided that same feeling to my gut. Quite a contrast, even of the ballad, to what Dunies regularly bring to the table. However, it was just as sweet as every other piece of this Moon Pie.

Back in June, I was stoked to hear the rest of this album. Many months later, after sitting on this album and soaking it in, I’ve found that in December it’s still hot as fuck and Dunies are still chillin it out.

Check this shit out!



Links & Credits:

Released August 29, 2017

Recorded at Dune Tune Headquarters
Recorded/Produced by Carter Lankes
Guitar/Vox/Shaker – Carter Lankes
Bass/Bongos – Zac Drazich
Guitar/Vox/Maracas/Tambourine – Richie Caudill
Drums/Screams/Cabasa – Joey Noble





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