Q&A: King Complex Discuss Swamp Records, New EP, & More

King Complex is an experimental electronic band that we first interviewed back in April. Since then, they’ve released their second EP, Phase //. We were able to catch up with them to discuss it along with playing in Gainesville, influences and more.

You recently played the Swamp Records closing party. What was that experience like?

Bracher: It was unlike any other show I have ever played… It was cool to see a few artists that we hadn’t gotten to see yet. Whale Feral has been really supportive of us since we started coming to Gainesville so it was cool to finally catch their set and I had been chatting with Azazus after our last show with Retrolux so I was stoked to catch his set as well.

Cody:  It was great getting to see some of our closest friends as well as meet some new ones.  Also for the first time we got the power pulled on us before our set was over, so I got to destroy my drum set with more intention than usual.

How did you get involved with Swamp Records and what do you like most about playing in Gainesville?

Bracher: Kremi is the homie! There’s a couple things that stand out to me. One is how intertwined your music scene is (I think Swamp Records deserves a lot of credit in this department). Everyone seems to know everyone and they come out to support each other which is pretty sweet. I’d like to think we’re working our way into that circle. The other is how outgoing everyone is after the show. People are not shy about coming up to you and talking about the music or making you feel welcome to just hangout which is really nice. Also, Flaco’s is almost mandatory for us.

Cody: My dear friend Kremi used to be heavily involved with Swamp when she was at UF, and she really was awesome to open the door for us.  Everyone in Gainesville so far has been super welcoming and about what we’re doing.  Its encouraging.

You released your second EP, Phase // , on September 1. Compared to your first EP, what do you think is the biggest difference?

Bracher: I think the first album was presented as more of a “statement” in terms of the songwriting. It was aggressive. The last release felt much more conversational in its tone and more introverted in its content. I’m not sure how much sense that makes but hopefully you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Cody: The emotional quality of the songs stands out as the biggest difference to me.

What were your goals while you were writing and recording the EP?

Bracher:  My goal was to keep the record completely clear of curse words so my mother would still love me. So far so good.

Cody: My largest goal was to have the listener feel the energy of child-like wonder, mystery, and exploration while listening to the songs.  Really I think in general the goal is always to make the coolest (whatever that means) songs and sounds that we can at the time.

Do you have a favorite track?

Bracher:  I think Dreams is probably it for me. We’ve only played it live twice I think so it hasn’t gone stale. Also, it’s a lot different than the other tracks both sonically and lyrically I think. It’s my ugly duckling.

Cody: I still feel IAMU the most when listening.

What are some of your current influences?

Bracher: I haven’t been able to stop listening to Melodrama since it came out. I’ve been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder this past week and for some reason I’m revisiting John Mayer’s Born and Raised album pretty frequently.

Cody: I’ve been really into the new St. Vincent, Circa Survive, and Lorde stuff.  Outside of music Allan Watts and Kurt Vonnegut have been making me think about things differently.

As the year is wrapping up, can you talk about a moment in 2017 that stood out to you the most?

Bracher: The last night in New York was pretty awesome, Cody and I didn’t get back to the hotel till around 8 am. The show was cool too. Not to be too cheesy but most of this year has been a highlight. This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing music and we’re getting a lot of opportunities to do that.

Cody: Playing New York was awesome.  It was my first time seeing the city and I simultaneously got to see some old friends and hear some new music.  Check out the homies ‘The Nectars’ for some killer jams.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2018 and are there any plans you can share with us?

Bracher: I was going to say we’d like to play Jannus which is kind of the spot to be in our hometown, but I’ve just received word that we are playing it right before Christmas so now I’m not sure. I know we’re writing a lot at the moment. I would love to have a song that goes out there and fights for us, I don’t think we’ve really had that yet. Most of whatever traction we have has come as a result of our live show I think. There may or may not be a music video on the way (I’m genuinely not sure).

Cody:   I would like to be less anxious about the next moment at every moment.  Since I doubt I’m gonna get that down, probably cope by writing and releasing as much music as possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Bracaher: I think Chipotle’s queso is pretty horrible and if you disagree you can come catch these hands.

Cody: “…thus the soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” – Allan Watts.  I read that today and had a “woah” moment.


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