[New Artist] Leg Biters Release First Single

“To Stop The Moon From Destroying The World” is the debut track from the newly formed Gainesville band, Leg Biters. You can listen to the track and learn more about it below.

Can you talk about other projects you’ve been involved with?

We have members from Common Hate, Power Plant, and countless other awful Brevard County and West Virginia bands that no one has ever heard of.

Can you talk about the writing process with Leg Biters?

LEG BITERS is a coalition of drunks (plus one straight edger, for good measure) whose only goal is global destruction, and you’re invited. It’s also a songwriting project I (Sam Kuhns) do sometimes with Big J (from early Sports Reference, the King’s Band) where we make pop songs on my iPhone in the worst apartment of all time badly.

Can you talk about the message of the song?

The song is about doing acid and playing majora’s mask before going to the fair.

What do you hope to accomplish with this band?

To purchase a boat. a 90-foot pontoon boat called The Nighttime Joe. our only goal is the boat, then we’re out. the boat we will buy is also five stories. the stories will be as follows, from top story to bottom:

Top Layer (story 5) – the layer where we talk about important things, like what songs are we doing? or, like, some band stuff. this layer is only for us. there is also a bar.

Royal Cabins (story 4) – the band and their direct affiliates sleep here. members/crew. this level is gold plated and sparkly, like a diamond. Big J, in his suite, has a shrine of Taylor Swift, because he is in love with her.

The Bar (story 3) – this is where the party people are at. the who’s who of the scene hang out here. the main floor. the happening spot. you can dance here, but don’t have to.

The Commoner’s Inn (story 2) – where the rest of the ship goes to lay their heads. a comforting place. think of that one weird bar in Lord of the Rings where everyone is having a good time. you know the one. that’s what it’s like. you’re safe here, Frodo. trust me.

Let’s Dance (story 1) – you must dance.

Do you have other releases planned?

As many as it takes to afford us the aforementioned boat. also a new 3-song live thing in January. we’ll see.

good bye.

shouts out Jeremy McGuire i love you, you take the best pictures.


Bandcamp: https://legbiters.bandcamp.com/album/leg-biters


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