Q&A: Felicity Discuss New Songs, Orlando’s Music Scene & More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Felicity is a pop punk band from Orlando, Florida who recently released their newest single “Circles“. We spoke to guitarist Andrew Rapier about their newest releases, their local music scene and more.

In October, you released the video for the single “Weekend Warrior”. Can you talk about the story behind the song?

Absolutely! The song is about chasing your dreams and following your heart. It’s about not letting the 9-5 grind of whatever job you may work take your mind off your hopes and aspirations.

What was the initial response like from fans?

Its been amazing! So many people can relate to the song. So many people hate their day jobs. We’ve had nothing but positivity, which has been AMAZING!

What is your writing process usually like?

Usually Damien [lead singer] or Cory [guitarist] will come up with the skeleton of a song. Maybe it’s just a riff or a chord progression. We usually take a little time to work on it everyone on their own and then we will come together and everyone will share their thoughts. We will all jam each others ideas and see what we can come up with. Once we have somewhat of a song together we will sit down and focus on lyrics and vocal melodies. Once we have everything in place we do pre-production and record a rough copy of the song. The FINAL step is when we bring the song to our producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War, Motionless in White) and we will map out the final parts and make any final tweaks.

Is there music you’re currently working on and is there anything specific you’ve been inspired by recently?

We actually just recorded 6 new songs that we are in the process of releasing. Weekend Worrier was the first release of this batch of songs. We are hard at work focusing on music videos for all 6 of these songs and planning releases in the near future!

Being from Orlando, can you describe what the local scene is like and who your favorite local artists are?

The local scene in Orlando is AWESOME! There is so many amazing bands, amazing people working in the scene, and great venues. There is definitely a sense of community and love in the Orlando scene and people work hard to support each other.  Some of our best friends are in bands in Orlando and you should definitely check out LUVLOST, Hungover, A Hero’s Fate, Raising Cadence, and Capstan.

How did you first get into music and the local scene?

Damien and Andrew started FELICITY. They originally met on Craigslist (LOL). Both had been in bands in the past that had not worked out, Damien our vocalist was in a cover band playing bar gigs every week. We had the same mindset that we wanted to start an original band and we wanted to do it RIGHT and FOR REAL. We wanted to take it seriously and make the commitment to each other to give it our all. We didn’t know the local scene at all. We kind of had to force our way in. We never said “no” to a show, there was weeks we were playing 3+ shows a week and we didn’t even have music recorded. We refused to turn down any opportunity, and 5 years later that work ethic has definitely paid off!

How do you think you’ve grown the most as an artist this year?

I think we have managed to grow as songwriters the most. We have learned so much from working with Andrew Wade, who is a genius songwriter in his own right. We ALWAYS want to top what we did last year, last song, last release. We truly feel that we are about to release the best music we have ever written.

Is there a certain moment from 2017 that really stands out to you?

The most unreal moment for us in 2017 was getting to play the main stage of Warped Rewind at Sea and having Dan Marsala (Lead Singer of Story of the Year) join us on stage for a tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. UNREAL!

What would you like to accomplish in 2018?

We want more tours, meet more fans, release more music, more merch, more music videos! WE WANT IT ALL! Playing a date at the FINAL Warped Tour would be amazing as well!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We actually just released a new music video for our single “CIRCLES”! You can watch the video here! Be sure to follow us on all social media! Thanks so much for having us!




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