Song Premiere: Max Dill Releases “St. Malo” From Debut EP

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

“St. Malo” is the debut single from Tallahassee, Florida based musician Max Dill. The narrative track was inspired by a small port city in France of the same name. The strings and keys add depth to the acoustic track and create peace which contrasts the lyric’s longing tone.  It thoroughly captures a moment in time and feels as if you, yourself are looking back and reflecting on a trip you once took, sitting by the cold sea as the wind whistles by while thinking of moments you can’t get back.

“This song actually started out as a poem. I took a trip out to Europe last spring, and spent a day or so wandering around St. Malo (no surprises there). The town is surrounded by water, and it’s a requirement for boys to learn to sail, and be proficient enough to do so across the entirety of the Atlantic before they turn 18,” Dill said.  “I thought the thought of that was really pretty and began tracing out the poem. I never actually got around to finishing the poem version, but once i got back to the states St. Malo was still heavily on my mind and I started reworking bits of it into a song.”

The track is the first single from his debut EP, Things That Feel Right at the Time, which will be released on February 25. In his words, the EP is “pretty heavy handed emotionally” and touches on themes similar to the single.




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