New Single: “That Thing” by Someday River

By: Hope Ankney

The recently released song, That Thing, by Florida experimental indie rock group Someday River is a single leading to defrost.

The track is the second single from their highly anticipated forthcoming LP. A consistent, smooth guitar wades through the listen as the trio leads you into a daydream-like-state. The tender percussion laid behind singer Greyson Charnock’s cool-natured vocals makes the record one that you’ll sit for far too-long to absorb. It’s breezy. It’s hazy. It’s a relaxing accompaniment between sleep and awake that is not easy to execute.

With just a few listens, “That Thing” has one envisioning the blooming of flowers and the warmth of sun that has been hibernating throughout the winter. You’ll want to take a Sunday drive, run barefoot in the grass, and breathe in the outdoors around you. Let Someday River tag along as you experience the changing of seasons. Warm up your bones and anticipate better days because this serene track will have you saying, “Spring is in the air.”




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