[EP Review] Candy Ambulance Capture 90’s Grunge with “Spray”

By: Hope Ankney


Just as 90’s trends like dungarees, athleisure, chokers, and even more recently, cassette tapes are making a steady comeback, it isn’t a surprise that the sound of time period is as well. This includes the resurgence of the grunge movement that saturated the decade. No stranger to this drive is New York founded three-piece group Candy Ambulance that has taken a refreshing approach to it by offering the nostalgia of grunge music but saddling it with a contemporary-edge.

The trio’s new EP Spray presents a hodge-podge of sounds full of grit and grunge with dashes of punk undertones. Featuring six tracks, the record brings you into a world of quick-paced entertainment that has tantalizing pop hooks and guitar riffs that accompany an indie-rock track. You’ll be hesitant to leave the sugar-high Candy Ambulance stocks you with during the length of the listen.

Recorded in their own home studio built by bassist Jesse Bolduc, the band has described Spray as “an EP that captures us at our current best. We’re working, always, on getting better at recording, writing and producing the music that we love.”


Addictive melodies and spirited vocals by lead vocalist Caitlyn Barker throughout the EP turns the volume up on the unhinged zest that grunge is known for. Any lover of raw, 90’s alternative will appreciate the innovative twists and turns the group creates on Spray. One of the lead singles, “Weekday” exemplifies this, lending it to lead Candy Ambulance’s sound into the throes of 2018. Short-lived but long-remembered, the track gives off the vibe of late-night rendezvous with friends that last way into morning- ending with gossip over coffee and eggs at the homiest of diners. A fun anthem that leaves you remembering that punk-rock can still have a pulse into adulthood.

You’ll want to dial 911 because Candy Ambulance is definitely a band that needs to be on everyone’s “To Watch” list as this EP is only the warm-up to their undeniable success heading forward. With nods to the best 90’s Alt bands and a fresh perspective, you’ll be coming back to this trio more times than you’d like to admit. Like champagne shaken up in the bottle, the bubbling carbonation of this record builds until you pop the cork and allow it to, as the title suggests…. Spray.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Wednesday, February 21 – Duck House – Cleveland, OH
Thursday, February 22 – Shakespeare’s Lower Level – Kalamazoo, MI
Friday, February 23 – Bric-A-Brac Records (day show) – Chicago, IL
Friday, February 23 – Cole’s – Chicago, IL
Saturday, February 24 – Milf Crate – Aurora, IL
Sunday, February 25 – DZ Records – Hickory Hills, IL (live session filming, day)
Sunday, February 25 – Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday, February 27 – WZRD 88.3 FM – Chicago, IL (live session)
Thursday, March 1 – Bottle and Barrel – Alton, IL
Friday, March 2 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
Saturday, March 3 – Front of House Lounge – Springfield, MO
Monday, March 5 – Hi Tone Cafe – Memphis, TN
Wednesday, March 7 – Flicker Bar – Athens, GA
Thursday, March 8 – The Cave – Chapel Hill, NC
Friday, March 9 – Arcana – Durham, NC
Saturday, March 10 – Pourhouse – Raleigh, NC
Sunday, March 11 – Galaxy Hut – Washington, DC
Monday, March 19 – One Caroline – Saratoga Springs, NY
Friday, March 30  – River Street Pub  – Troy, NY



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