Single Premiere: Flipturn Show Energetic Progression with “Churches”

By: Marshall Prose

“In America, it’s hysteria. Everyone has lost control.”  Singer Dillon Basse says what we’re all thinking on flipturn’s latest single, “Churches”. Showing a positive progression in the movement of their sound and style, this is the first release of theirs since their EP “Heavy Colors”. The band’s talent comes to no surprise to fans who supported them in the Destination Okeechobee competition where they won first prize against 3,200 competing bands and are set to play the main stage in March

“While the meaning behind ‘Churches’ is about finding your passion, it is also about people in society wanting to fit in – ‘I wanted to feel wanted like I had a contagious soul’, ” said Basse. “The song raises awareness for trying to get away from that longing to be accepted and focusing your energy on something you obsess over. Hence the last line of the bridge changing to ‘I wanted for you to please let me go.’”

The instrumentation in “Churches” is bright and perfect for dancing, accompanied by vocals which are passionate, and incensed. With syncopated guitars and a tight beat, the creation is a wonderful combination of indie rock with a flare of soul. flipturn displays a style that is unique and emphatic and I can not wait to hear where this Fernandina Beach, Florida group’s musical journey shall progress to with the release of this single.




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