Staff Picks: Must See Artists At Savannah Stopover

The music festival, Savannah Stopover, will be taking place March 8-10 in Savannah, Georgia and you can grab tickets here. This year is the festival’s 8th year running and it features more than 80 bands over a 3-day period in the Savannah’s Historic District.  Our staff picks includes various artists, their set times and their music.  Make sure to look through all of them and find something you like!

You can view the full festival schedule here.

Lindsy Carrasquillo’s Picks:

Escondido – March 8 at Congress Street Social Club at 11:30pm 


The Nashville duo, Escondido, have an eclectic soundscape within their music from using horns, acoustic guitars and rich harmonies and I can only imagine how beautifully their sound transfers live. After Stopover, the band will be touring down through Florida and through the west coast so I you have a chance, make sure to see them live.

Click here for more info and music from the band

Ratboys –  March 10 at Barrelhouse South from  9:30pm to 10:30pm 


“But, how was I supposed to make a piece of art with that at stake? / And what without at least a pen and paper?” That’s the line that got me hooked on this band. After discovering the band through their Audiotree session and hearing more about the stories behind their lyrics, I made sure to listen to their 2017 album, GN, in it’s entirety. The band describes their genre as “post-country” as well as indie rock so if you’re looking for a relaxed sound with descriptive narrative writing, this is the band for you. And if you can’t get enough of this band, they’ve also just released a new EP, GL.

Click for more info and music from the band

Birthday Club – March 10 at Congress Street Social Club from 3:00pm to 4:00pm 


The band released their debut six song EP, Lighten Up, in September of 2016 and it’s been their only release since then. True to it’s name, the release is full of up-beat tracks that touch on psychedelic and new wave influences. Even with their happy sound, songs like Having Too Much Fun”, hold lyrical depth that contrasts the sound.

Click for more info and music from the band

Eliza Goldstein’s Picks:

Twen – March 10 at Ships Of The Sea—North Garden from 6:30pm to 7:30pm


I always pick too many favorites, but first up is Twen from Nashville, TN. They’re opening for Of Montreal on Saturday. This 4 piece blends psych, garage, dream pop and melodic rock tied together with a killer stage presence. If you like what you hear on this live EP, we also filmed a session with them- it’s on the site! Hopefully you’ll see them at Savannah Stopover and become as desperate as I am for their first LP.

Click here for more info and music from the band

Vundabar – March 10 at Barrelhouse South from 10:30pm to 11:30pm


Vundabar just released a new album, Smell Smoke. It’s their first release since 2015 and it’s kick-ass. I love the way Vundabar pairs pop melodies with unusual instrumentation. Make sure you check them out at Barrelhouse South on Saturday (Barrelhouse South is also, for what it’s worth, a pretty cool venue).

Click here for more info and music from the band

Caroline Rose – March 9 at Ships Of The Sea—North Garden from 9:00pm to 10:00pm


I was introduced to Caroline Rose just prior to the release of her sophomore album, Loner. She’s kind of like everything we hoped Taylor Swift would be when she started out. Rose’s bluegrass and country roots are apparent, but her music experiments with pop and electronic elements. Her lyrics show a sense of humor as well as emotional maturity and she’s one of the most high energy performers I’ve ever seen. Catch Caroline Rose at the New West Records showcase on Friday.

Click here for more info and music from the band 

Crumb – March 10 at Barrelhouse South from 8:30pm to 9:30pm 


Crumb is playing at Barrelhouse South at the same time as Of Montreal, which sounds like a tough decision, but between the two I would choose to see Crumb. This jazzy melodic pop band is on their way to SXSW and I can’t imagine them NOT getting big after Austin. Crumb’s style is so neat and “together” it’s hard to believe they’ve only released two EPs.

Click here for more info and music from the band

Ian Maikisch’s Picks:

Wild Child – March 10 at Trinity United Church from 11:00pm to 12:00am


I’ve been a fan of Wild Child for years now. For me being a fan of this band is personal. When I was first starting out in music my old friend and mentor David Plakon worked on their record, “Fools.” One of my favorite memories of this band was listening to their record, “The Runaround,” from beginning to end while on a road trip through the smokey mountains. This is definitely a band that you will find yourself listening to the entire record from start to finish and be so captured that you never even realized that you didn’t want to skip a single song. All I can say about this incredibly talented and creative indie-pop band is that if you do not already know and love their music you are missing out and need to listen to them NOW!

Click for more info and music from the band

The Pauses – March 10 at Congress St. Social Club from 5:00pm 6:00pm 


The Pauses are another band I have been listening to and enjoying for many years now. Playing for almost 9 years now, this band has been releasing quality music the entire time. Their avant-garde style is truly unique, it’s almost like experimental indie music played on 70s’ instruments. With punchy bass, melodic guitar and vocals that, at the same time, have a powerful message and a hauntingly beautiful quality.

” I have a big passion for space and the psychology of how something makes you feel and the different aspects like color theory. I feel like that relates a lot to the human psyche and relationships…” – band’s singer, Tierney Tough in Q&A: The Pauses Talk New Album, Writing and The Orlando Music Scene

Click for more info and music from the band.

Graham Johnson’s Picks:

The Sh-Booms – March 9  at Trinity United Church from 8:30pm to 9:30pm

The spirit of the seventies is alive in the soul of this band. Every liquid, wah-induced guitar riff and every silky vocal run drips with funky vibes. If you’re thang is to get-down, The Sh-Booms will be keepin it real low at Savannah Stopover.

Click here for more info and music from the band.

Ryan Jones – March 10  at Barrelhouse South from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

A Central Florida local, Ryan Jones, got her start in the Daytona and Orlando scenes. It’s great to see her on the lineup for Savannah Stopover! If you like sad-girl indie pop, then be sure not to miss her set.

Click here for more info and music

Kemba – March 10 at Club One from 12:30am to 1:30am

An artist new to me (and, as I understand it, a fully overhauled artist himself), Kemba has a sound that is as militant as it is meticulous. He’s not afraid to call out major and controversial issues and his flow is simply fresh to death. Catch his set at Savannah Stopover.

Click here for more info and music



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