Just Neighbors Tour Announcement

By: Matthew Fowler

Just Neighbors are 4-piece math-rock band based in Gainesville, Florida. Their record, “Being Where I Thought I’d Be”, was voted on at Fecking Bahamas as one of the top math-rock albums of 2016, and they’ve been gaining a following stateside, as well as internationally.

So internationally, in fact, that their current run of shows is leading them into Monterrey, Mexico! Just Neighbors will be snaking west; playing shows in Tallahassee, Ft Walton Beach, and Austin, before turning south into Mexico (full dates & a video below). As a big fan of them as a band and individuals, I had no choice but to wiggle my way into their van as the designated tour photographer/therapist/merchguy/roadie when I heard about this tour.

I’m a musician in town, and work over at Heartwood Soundstage, in Gainesville, FL. Since starting my time there, I’ve become quite immersed in the camera world, the music world, and how they relate to each other. I’m looking forward to documenting this tour for Lvl To The Room!

If you’re interested in viewing some photos and videos of our adventures together, check out both my instagram account (@matthewkfowler) and their instagram account (@justneighbors) as well as Lvl’s website.

If you’ve got any pals in the places we’re headed, I encourage you to reach out to them – tell them to come out to see a show!


3/1 – Tallahassee, FL at The Bark

3/3 – Fort Walton Beach, FL at Green Door Music Hall

3/6 – Austin, TX at The Sidewinder

3/9 – Monterrey, Mexico at Nodriza Estudio


Just Neighbors:

Matthew Fowler:


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