Lvl Live Episode 3: “23” by Woolbright Live at Cofrin Park

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

The Davie, Florida band, Woolbright, has always had deeply personal lyrics that tell a narrative story. When I first listened to the song “23” off of their Holiday Split with Winded released through Whelmed Records, I immediately felt the emotional impact. The song tells a haunting story of losing someone you grew up with and the emptiness it leaves you with.

As it is already a quiet and stripped down track, we were happy to film the video in Cofrin Nature Park and capture the song just as it is in the official release. We really enjoyed filming this and hope you enjoy it as well!

Watch the video below:


If you want to learn more about their debut album, Busybody Lazybones, you can listen to lead singer and guitarist Candice Maritato’s track-by-track commentary here.


Camera Operators: Ian Maikisch, Lindsy Carrasquillo and Eliza Goldstein
Sound Operator: Julia Comeau
PAs: Marshall Prose, Kevin Miller and Daniel Villamil
Directed & Edited by Eliza Goldstein



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