[Photos] KOLARS at Savannah Stopover

By: Eliza Goldstein

KOLARS is a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles. Lauren Brown and Rob Kolar blend glam pop, rockabilly and good showmanship to create infectious, catchy tracks. When I met them in Savannah, they had just played a show in Atlanta the night before, and were on their way to Gasparilla Festival in Tampa. We walked the streets and alleyways of Savannah, GA, admiring the old architecture and discussing life on the road. KOLARS is one of those bands that never seems to stop touring.

KOLARS is Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown. The pair have been performing multinationally as KOLARS, the glam-folk band He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and other musical projects for more than 8 years.
Rob Kolar spent his formative years at an English boarding school, and finds the cobblestone and preservation of the historical homes in Savannah to be reminiscent of his childhood.
The Los Angeles-based duo are currently touring through the end of March with Escondido, who also joined them on the Savannah Stopover lineup. In April, they begin a massive European tour with Japanese punk rockers Shonen Knife.


Behind The Scenes:



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