[Photos] Vita & The Woolf at Savannah Stopover

By: Eliza Goldstein

Jen Pague introduces herself to me in the fading Savannah twilight. It’s 8 o’clock and she’s just driven in from South Carolina with her band, Vita and the Woolf. The Philly-based three piece just started their second tour of the year and are eager to showcase their critically acclaimed discography at SXSW.

VATW (1 of 4)
Vita and the Woolf have been named a “band you need to see” by Billboard and have been raved about by Anthony Gonzalez (M83).
VATW (2 of 4)
When I asked Jen about VATW’s visually stunning music video, Sun Drop, she said she loves combing dance and contemporary music, and hopes to do more with it in the future.
VATW (3 of 4)
Jen recently moved to LA, but the rest of the band still lives in Philadelphia.
VATW (4 of 4)
She says she loves living in LA, but it doesn’t really feel like home yet given how much Vita and the Woolf has toured this year alone.



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