[Photos] Okey Dokey at Savannah Stopover

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

During Savannah Stopover, I was able to hang out with the Nashville based due Okey Dokey. The band is made up of singer, songwriter & bassist Aaron Martin and songwriter & guitartist Johny Fisher. After meeting up at dinner, we were able to talk a walk around River Street and explored some of the store fronts. The dark colors contrast the bright upbeat sound within their debut album, “Love You, Mean It”.

While their debut album was just released in March of last year, the band is already almost done with their next release.  “We can’t really say a whole lot about it yet,” Johny said. “But I know we all are really proud of it and ready to share it.”
As the band is currently on tour with Zuli, they were not able to spend a lot of time in Savannah but did enjoy walking around the old streets and taking in the city.
” [Our] set was a blast, always a wild time playing at 1 AM,” Johny said. 

Make sure to catch them live when they come to a city near you!

Tour dates:




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