Artist Feature: A Deer A Horse’s Set at El Rocko during Savannah Stopover and More!

Words by: Graham Johnson

Photos by: Ian Maikisch

The Away Team here at Lvl To The Room just got back from the Savannah Stopover music festival in Savannah, GA. Admittedly, most of our time was consumed by planning, listing, setting up equipment, and running from venue to session location and back again. However, we still managed to attend a few of the best shows the festival had to offer.

Savannah Stopover

The first of such acts that I was to witness was a loud and depressingly heavy 3-piece that calls themselves, A Deer A Horse. Upon initial inspection of the group, I was struck by the vivid, yet simplistic, color palette employed by the group. Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Rebecca Satellite, wore a white button-up with the sleeves rolled, a pair of black pants, and Doc Marten’s; consequently, on the other side of the stage, Bassist Angela Philips was sporting a bright red one-piece jumpsuit. This only assisted in reinforcing the bands simple, yet heavy nature. Not to forget, huge props to the Lighting Technician at El Rocko for matching every color and rhythm to the band’s spirit and timbre.

Backswimmer EP

Honestly, the show was so kickass that, regardless of how tired I was, I looked up and listened to their Backswimmer EP immediately after leaving the venue that night. It’s a standard 4-track EP, released in March of 2017, that contains a perfect balance of everything that A Deer A Horse has to offer. The most interesting thing about the band is how they stealthily include punk, grunge, and funk stylings into what is some of the purest and most satisfying stoner garage metal that I’ve ever heard. Songs, such as Once Or Twice, bespeak exactly how low and heavy A Deer A Horse can go musically and emotionally. Yet, in Bad Thoughts, they pick it up into a driving punk-rock anthem that gets you going whether you like it or not.

Cold Shoulder Tour

So you listened to the EP and the Cold Shoulder single they released on March 16, just days ago, and you want to hear more? Never fear, for A Deer A Horse is currently halfway through their Cold Shoulder tour. If you live somewhere in America, they may be coming to you. Check out their tour dates below or on their Facebook, their music on whatever popular streaming service you patron, and SEE A DEER A HORSE LIVE.






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