Savannah Stopover: A Deer A Horse Perform “What If I Was”

Words by: Lindsy Carrasquillo

I first heard of the Brooklyn, New York based trio, A Deer A Horse, back in January through a DIY Shows group when the band setting up a show here in Gainesville. After listening to their EP, Backswimmer, I was immediately hooked and still get the title track stuck in my head for days after listening to it. On the opening night of Savannah Stopover, the Lvl team was able to catch them live and it solidified my love for them. Their music is full of heavy, grimy guitars and vocal hooks.

After some location scouting on Ian and Graham’s part, we decided on filming a session with the band near River Street in The Storehouses under The Factors Walk. The dark walls and echos of the room compliment the band’s sound and lends itself to a stripped down performance that still capture’s the band’s essence.

Hope you enjoy!


And if you can’t get enough of them, check out their new single ,”Cold Shoulder”, here.

Behind the scenes photos by: Ian Maikisch


Camera Operators: Ian Miakisch, Lindsy Carrasquillo, Eliza Goldstein
Sound Operator: Graham Johnson
Directed and Edited by Eliza Goldstein



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