Savannah Stopover Interviews: Wild Child Discuss New Record, Touring, and More

Words by: Ian Maikisch

During our Savannah Stopover adventures we got the chance to sit down with Wild Child. We caught up with Alexander Beggins (Lead Vocals, Baritone Ukulele) and Kelsey Wilson (Lead Vocals, Violin) after their sound check at Trinity Church in downtown Savannah, GA. This is definitely a band that you will find yourself listening to the entire record from start to finish and be so captured that you never realized that you didn’t want to skip a single song. All I can say about this incredibly talented and creative indie-americana-pop band is that if you do not already know and love their music you are missing out and need to listen to them NOW!

Hope you enjoy our interview!

You can view their tour dates below.



Interview by Lindsy Carrasquillo
Camera Operator: Ian Maikisch
Sound Operator: Graham Johnson
Edited by Eliza Goldstein


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