[EP Review] Citrona by Flipturn

" Each member of the band brings something to the table and the result is a collection of great sounding, well written, and super catchy songs that really capture flipturn’s infectious energy. Flipturn has once again managed to blow all my expectations out of the water, and hopefully before long I’ll be writing about a full-length record by the band, not just an EP."


Notebook Sessions: GUTS perform at Third House Books & Coffee

"The band has an ability to create a beautifully layered depth to their vocals with their accapella style. Seeing them to perform to such a small crowd in an intimate setting make the experience even more memorable than seeing them play in a traditional venue and I'm already looking forward to the next Notebook Sessions event."

Q&A: Brandon Telg Spills The Beans On Sofar Sounds

"Sofar guests get to see new sides of Gainesville, or see spaces they love in a new light. As for artists, its kind of hard to put into words what makes an artist right for a Sofar: Gainesville show. There are certain elements, like the fact that they must put on a compelling live show, have a presence that works in an intimate setting, and generally make good music, but there’s another X-Factor that is harder to describe."