[Single Review] “Easier To Love” by Kississippi

By: Hope Ankney

It might be the color choice of the single’s artwork, but Kississipi’s newest single, “Easier to Love” is shrouded in mood-shifting pinks- matching the constant ups and downs of vulnerability and self-love. The track is featured off their upcoming album Sunset Blush.

“Easier to Love” is a self-explanatory song. It emphasizes themes of sacrifice and accommodation for someone that makes one feel hard to love. It chronicles the racing thoughts that bruise the mind, telling it that you’re more of a liability in the face of affection. It begins in a light pink haze, opening with chill synths and a dreamy vibe. As the synths make room for Zoe Reynold’s voice, the pink gradually darkens to represent the moody vocals that carry lyrics like “I’m not the one you look for/ I’m not the weight of the universe/ Sometimes my words can hurt worse.” The track takes a twist when the drum-beat drops, adding a flare to the otherwise gentle flow of the sound. This, mixed with its catchy chorus, causes the single to reflect a hot pink tint, prickling heat that coincides with Reynold’s message of feeling hard to love.

With its balance of lo-fi punk and synth pop power, Kississippi’s “Easier to Love” is an instant ear worm that is rooted in reminiscence. It represents the push and pull of autonomy and dependency in relationships. If the track is any precursor to Sunset Blush, it will definitely be worth the listen.





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