[Single Review] “Shannon” by Pllush

By: Hope Ankney

Comfortably cool, San Francisco-based group Pllush has exceeded expectation with their newest single, “Shannon.” The track is a prelude to their much-anticipated debut full-length Stranger to the Pain, out June 8th.


Known for their evolving sound and dynamic songwriting, Pllush delivers nothing short of a captivating tune that leaves the listener feverish for the forthcoming LP. “Shannon” is a perfect blend of dream-pop and shoegaze that showcases the talent the band has embodied from the start. With its simple musicality, the groove of the track gradually swells without sound clutter before it rumbles into a rosy minute-long instrumental break. The vocals of Karli Helm enrapture the single as she hazily sings about the uncertainties and insecurities that life encompasses that contradicts the incredibly self-assured sound of the track. Helm’s voice is reminiscent of the early works of Rilo Kiley here- the raw and lush nature Jenny Lewis was notorious for.

With its tinged feel and smoky tone, “Shannon” accomplishes what it set out to do, seamlessly tease what’s to come on Strangers to the Pain. If Pllush’s debut album echoes the high-reaching track, the LP will prove to be sublime.




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