[Single Review] Happy Rhodes Releases “When The Rain Came Down”

By: Charlie Daffron



Today, Numero Group announced a new release for the summer. The album, called Ectotrophia, will be released on June 29. Ectotrophia is a collection of 18 songs by underground pop singer Happy Rhodes.
Rhodes began her career in the 80s in New York and quickly gathered a cult following because of her eclectic style and insane vocal abilities. Since her first release in 1986, Rhodes has released 10 more studio albums, firmly establishing herself in the underground music scene.

Rhodes’ dedicated fans, known as “Ectophiles” have created fan sites, mailing lists, and zines, helping spread her music even further. Ectotrophia collects tracks from Rhodes’ first four albums, released between 1986 and 1987, as well as several bonus tracks that were only available on the CD versions of the original albums. Some of these songs aren’t even available on digital, making Ectotrophia the perfect place for new fans to discover Rhodes’ music by putting some of her best songs in the one convenient package.
The first single from Ectotrophia, a song called When The Rain Came Down is being released today. “When The Rain Came Down” serves as a great introduction for anyone who has never listened to Rhodes before.

Instrumentally, the song is composed of a blend of synths and acoustic guitar, giving it a dreamy kind of feel. Rhodes’ vocals only enhance this. She deftly switches pitches between verses and choruses, showcasing her immense talents as a singer and her unique four-octave vocal range. It’s no surprise that the song has been mislabeled as a duet in the past, that’s how skilled Rhodes is as a singer.

Fans of 80s pop music would be remiss if they didn’t check out When The Rain Came Down and listen to the rest of Ectotrophia when it’s released in June.



Ectotrophia tracklisting:

01. Oh The Drears
02. I Cannot Go On
03. Would That I Could
04. Where Do I Go
05. For We Believe
06. When The Rain Came Down
07. If Love Is A Game, I Win
08. I’m Not Awake, I’m Not Asleep
09. Baby Don’t Go
10. Come Here
11. Don’t Want To Hear It
12. If So
13. I’ll Let You Go
14. Because I Learn
15. I Am A Legend
16. Perfect Irony
17. Many Nights
18. To Be E. Mortal


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