Notebook Sessions: GUTS perform at Third House Books & Coffee

Photos by: Gabrielle Calise, Words by: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Something I’ve realized more and more by working in music in Gainesville is how collaborative everything is. Different creatives in the city are constantly working to create new, inviting experiences and GUTS’ performance at Third House Books & Coffee is an example of that. While I had previously heard a little bit about Notebook sessions through friends and online, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.

After walking through the door, I was greeted by familiar faces as I made my way up stairs to meet some friends. Holding snacks and drinks, the crowd quickly made their way to the floor as GUTS got ready to perform. Seeing the band perform in front of bright string lights with a back drop of books reminded me of the set up for NPR’s Tiny Desk and I was excited for something similar to that happen in Gainesville.


Made up of Kentucky Costellow, Kara Smith and Samatha Jones, the band’s indie-pop sound is magnified by their harmonies and leading bass lines. After filming their set, the crowd danced along to their set as they played tracks off of their 2017 EP, Here For This.  The band has an ability to create a beautifully layered depth to their vocals with their accapella style. Seeing them to perform to such a small crowd in an intimate setting make the experience even more memorable than seeing them play in a traditional venue and I’m already looking forward to the next Notebook Sessions event.




You can watch a video from the night , shot by OKAY GOOD, of the song “Build It” below.


NoteBook Sessions
Okay Good
Supermoon Sound


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