[Single Review] Post Louis Guide Listeners Through A Soundscape with “Stress Fracture”

By: Natu Tweh

Post Louis’s new single, “Stress Fracture”, is a grand tease for their new album on the way.

The track shows off Post Louis’s ability to not only masterfully layer sounds, but to guide listeners through the soundscape they create. The song starts off with roaring guitars that dance throughout the track, creating a canvas for the other sounds to paint. The sound is hectic and jagged, with Alex Hitchcock’s saxophone pounding on the canvas whenever it appears. The saxophone is splash of bright erratic colors, adding to the untamed soundscape. Andy Stern’s backing vocals in conjunction with the saxophone come in at unexpected times, adding to the rising frantic sensation. Intensity and urgency are mainstays in “Stress Fracture”, rising and falling at varying times. Each time they rise, they rise higher than before.

Stephanie Davin’s voice and lyrics dart in and out of the song, weaving through the canvas to pull everything together.  At times her voice adds to the hectic pacing, disappearing and residing in it. Other times her voice is in the foreground, guiding the sound with allusive lyrics.

Post Louis are able to create a disjointed sound while maintaining cohesiveness and this song shows their ability to capture emotion. Hopefully, their new album demonstrates this ability tenfold.

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