[Single Review] Winded Explores Bedroom Pop with “Swallowing Hair”

By: Kevin Renard

Fresh from her upcoming album “Schwartz Goes to Heaven”, the delightful Catherine Vianale of Winded has unveiled the single “Swallowing Hair”, and it’s a worthwhile way to spend 3 minutes and 43 seconds.


 For those familiar with the previous work “see you in hell, schwartz”, Vianale’s light and captivating voice will be a welcome sound, it’s as pleasant as ever. Ditching the acoustic guitar of her previous songs, however, Viannale takes a big step to becoming Florida’s monarch of bedroom-styled pop, opting instead for a full band sound. The lyrics are direct and dreary, with lines like “I live like a coffee stain that you can’t bear to clean” sure to hit a few a little too close to home. For those interested in exploring the spectrum of Florida’s musicians and fans of acts like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, etc. alike, give this song a listen, and look out for “Schwartz Goes to Heaven” out June 22 on Community Records. You can preorder the cassette here (/150 so get on it).




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