[Video] Wild Child Release “Follow Me”

By: Natu Tweh

Originating from Austin, Texas, Wild Child’s music video for their song “Follow Me” off of their new album “Expectations” is enchanting. Taken in one shot, it follows vocalist Kelsey Wilson through a tunnel lit only by her torch. With various close-ups, medium-shots and follow shots, we join Kelsey on her journey. The lyrics give clarity to her destination, as she sings about reaching for a relationship that has already ended and she knows it won’t last again. She longs for her ex-lover’s touch and embrace, for the great times they had together even though she knows they have to move on. The instrumentals carry the emotion through the video.


Matt Bradshaw’s keyboard starts the song with soft notes that lead into an even softer section accompanied by the rest of the band. It’s like listening to a roll of Charmin play with fabric softener. As Kelsey vocalizies her expectations and longings into the empty tunnel, glimpses of her ex-lover appear in the background. If she notices she can reach out to her ex-companion.

But she doesn’t.

She keeps on walking until she is in a large dark clearing with only the dim torch to light her way, and no sign of what she was looking for. The track and music video showcase Wild Child’s ability to fuel sentiment and wanderlust.

Wild Child is Kelsey WIlson, Alexander Beggins, Sadie Wolfe, Matt Bradshaw, and Tom Myers. Listen to their emotion driven album “Expectations” today.




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