[Single Review] “Digital Detox” by The Pauses

By: Vic Abreu

Set to release their sophomore album Unbuilding in June, Orlando’s The Pauses recently put out a new single – “Digital Detox.” The album will be their latest release since their split EP with Great Deceivers.

The power pop is strong on this track. Production is the only thing that betrays the rest of the song from sounding ripped straight from the 90s (that is to say, the production is squeaky-clean). Are The Pauses fans of Weezer? This song seems to provide a clue. Let’s get down to the instrumentals – the song opens with a charming synth bass groove duking it out with a whirring melodic line. Whistles and drums soon follow in step and pause for vocalist Tierney Tough introduce the verse. Peppered throughout are intricate synth riffs that make the song all the more interesting- it’s the small details here that make Digital Detox, beyond a fairly conventional power pop song structure.


Tough’s lyrics deal with the isolation that stems from social media and the discomfort of its constant presence. Critiques of social media are a topic a little too well-tread these days; it’s easy to write a song about, but it’s hard to make a statement that hasn’t already been made. However, the vocals sell me the theme – I’m not too jaded to not listen again. Digital Detox hits you with a one-two switch! Bubbly instrumentals remind me of happy robots, but the lyrics deal with an issue far from smiley robot chatter.



Check out Unbuilding when it drops. Here’s a peek at the tracklist:

  1. Eventually, Everything Connects
  2. Don’t Wake Me Up
  3. Digital Detox
  4. Had/Have
  5. The Beginnings of Things
  6. The Best for the Most for the Least
  7. The Means
  8. Heart of Steal
  9. Animus?



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