Interview: Swamp Records President and Vice President Give Us The Lowdown On Their Student-Run Record Label

By: Ian Maikisch

Last year after the Swamp Records Showcase at Heartwood Soundstage we had the chance to talk to the out-going president of the label, Stephanie Elkin, and the the future incoming president, Mikaela Sheerin. We did an on-camera interview with the duo at Loosey’s Downtown for our show Bards In Bars Getting Beer. This year after the Swamp Records Showcase we thought it would be cool to catch up with Mika (who now runs the label) and her vice president Matthew Fowler to see what the label has been up to and how their bands have been.

Swamp Records represents some of Gainesville’s favorite bands: Retrolux, Savants of Soul and Flipturn. With an expansive staff of students at the University of Florida — Swamp Records puts in the extra grind for their bands.

Check out our interview with Mika and the incoming new president of Swamp Records for 2018 Matthew Fowler below. Hope you enjoy 😀







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