[Single Review] Mago Releases New Track, “Crescent”

By: Natu Tweh

Mago’s “Crescent” is an explosion of emotion and thrills. From start to finish it fills the air with an assortment of sounds. It’s a rollercoaster that locks the straps down and wants to take its riders on two, three or even four more rides. It is vaguely reminiscent of Hirofumi Sasaki’s “The Least 100 Sec,” but with more emotion.

The song starts with an escalating instrumental. The drums, bass, guitar and piano come out with the force of a crashing wave and continually increase as the vocals slice through the sound. After about 34 seconds, it starts to feel like the instruments are falling and tripping over one another. The song shifts its pace quickly, introducing new segments without pause. It’s like drawing a picture without lifting the pencil at all. “Crescent” dashes up a set of stairs and manages to fall down the same set of stairs slowly and gently. Justin Carter’s piano playing carries the track through, adding chaotic harmonies and raw emotion.

Mago is a band from Seattle, Washington with Justin Carter on piano, Alex Stojanovon on guitar, Matt Huszar on drums and Jordan Brawner on bass. Listen to Mago’s othertunes on SoundCloud.





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