Q&A: Donkng Discuss The Dumpster, New Music & More

By: Daniel Villamil

We were able to speak to Donkng’s lead singer and guitarist Camilo Isaza about their house show venue, The Dumpster, their newest single and more. The band recent announced their debut album, Familiar Structures, which will be released July 20 and will be heading out on tour in support of the record throughout June and July.

If you had to choose one band to listen to for the rest of your life who would it be?

All: Donkng.

How would you describe the sound of your band?

Yearning for something.

If you had to make a top five list of bands that have played at The Dumpster, who would be on it?

Bitemarks, Slumberjack, RV, Zeta, mtvh1n1.

What was your favorite part of making your new record?

That we did it at the house. It meant a lot that we got to do it in our home, together.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

We’ve gone through a lot of changes. From a two piece, to a three piece, to a quartet now. Every time basically starting from scratch and figuring out how to play with each other in the context of the band.

You released a new single, “Concurrent Currents,” last month. What are the lyrical themes behind the song?


It’s about the overwhelming nature of freedom. That anything and everything can happen at any moment.

What was it like playing the last dumpster show?

It was bitter sweet I guess. On one hand it was a bummer to know there would be no more shows at the house and that we are moving out at the end of summer but it was also made clear by various people that the dumpster meant a lot to them.

What is your favorite memory as a band?

Working on the album at the house.

Can you give some advice for people wanting to start their own bands?

Try your best but don’t take yourself too seriously.





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