Morningbell Premiere New Song, Play First Show In 4 Years

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

On Monday, the Gainesville based band, Morningbell, played their first show in four years at June’s Sofar Gainesville show held at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre. “We’re working on some new material and this is a song that we’re debuting for the first time ever,” said Morningbell’s lead singer and guitarist, Travis Atria. For their third song, the band premiered “Moonbrain”, a guitar driven track with building harmonies and a mix of rock and funk elements.


After forming in 2000, the band slowed down in 2014 as some of their members were raising kids. “We’ve had a solid fan base in Gainesville for 10 years. It’s really a wonderful thing and we wanted to play something new as a thank you,” Atria said. At the sold out show, fans traveled from places such as California just to see the band.

After Sofar reached out to Travis, he knew he needed to play a Morningbell show instead of a solo set. ” We’ve never done anything like this where it’s so secretive, ” he said. “We were hoping we’d get asked.”  The band had been working on the new song for a “couple of months” and Atria is currently inspired by funk such as artist Boosty Collins. In the past, he had been inspired by classic rock such as the Flaming Lips and soul artists like Curtis Mayfield.


The new song will be released following the release of Sofar’s live video from the show and they’re working on a “new possible album”. If the new material does end up becoming a new record, it’s expected to be released in “the middle of next year”.



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