[Q&A] Graduating Life Discuss Upcoming Tour, New Music & More

By: Natu Tweh

We spoke to Bart Starr of Graduating Life about the band’s upcoming tour, DIY and much more. They’ll be playing in Gainesvile this Sunday, June 24 at Loosey’s with Just Friends, Dikembe and Gutless.


To start this off, who plays in Graduating Life?

Me, Chris (Synth), Ryan (Guitar), Eric (Guitar), Sam (Bass), Austin and Brianda (back up vocals on certain tracks).

How would you describe the DIY scene in Fresno?

When I was heavily involved a few years ago it was really great, but that could just be me being nostalgic!

I know there are about three or four colleges in that area. Do they help influence the scene?

Everyone that goes to college there sucks, I went to junior college but I couldn’t stand paying for something that was sucking the life out of my soul! And I was broke all the time! And still am but now I am happy for the most part!

Is there still influence from the hardcore scene of the ‘80s in Fresno?

No everyone left fresno cause it’s not cool to live there!

Graduating Life is all about memes, before and after the huge migration over to Twitter. What do memes mean to Graduating Life?

I just punish myself everyday I guess, my mind has melted away I don’t even know what’s funny anymore.

What sparked that shift in platforms?

Facebook has too many ads, everyone knows it and mark zucc sucks!

Speaking of memes, which mode do you go into at shows?


In addition to Graduating Life’s emotional lyrics, there is a lot of focus on friendship and being able to make music with friends. What does friendship mean to Graduating Life?


Happy belated birthday Bart! How did you spend your birthday last week?

Working, then got nightmare on wingstreet.

Which venue are you looking forward to perform at during your summer tour starting June 20?


How do you go about spicing up each show to make it different each night? Besides chugging cold ravioli, unless that’s an essential mainstay each night.

I definitely would encourage people to bring me ravioli because that is free food! As far as making each night different I don’t really have anything in my arsenal to spice up shows. I just try to make everyone feel involved!

Gainesville was one of your stops last summer with Mom Jeans, and you’re coming back for summer again. The show at the Hardback Cafe was packed! What was it like playing there last year?

It was super fun! I ate too much before the show and felt terrible but that all went away after an hour or so!

Have you noticed any similarities in the music scenes of Fresno and Gainesville?

Fresno is more dirty, and Gainesville looks clean in comparison. Also there is way more to do in Gainesville and people seem to like live music, it’s hard to get people out of their house in Fresno!

What are you looking forward to at The Fest 17? Is there anything you absolutely have to do?

I am looking forward to seeing all my friends!

Any bands you’re looking forward to seeing?

Just Friends, Melted, Nervous Dater.

Finally, with the recent release of “Conceal”, is there potentially something else on the way as well?

Yes! I am going to be putting out an album hopefully in August!

Photo By Tommy Calderon



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