[Album Review] Yuno “Moodie”

By: Natu Tweh

Yuno effortlessly creates happy, ecstatic and blissful sounds that shoot listeners up into the air. Each track on “Moodie” is soft and pleasant on the ears, whisking the audience away on a cloud of deep basslines and funky synths. The album creates an ironic state, as the uplifting sounds bellie the emotional life-questioning lyrics that permeate the tracks.



On “Why For”, Yuno is battling with his longing over someone or something. Even though they have parted ways, he is still gripping over why he feels like he can’t be by himself. He understands that he needs to take time and work on himself, but still asks the question “What do I want you for?” Behind his voice there is a wailing guitar playing alongside a compact trap beat. His screams reverberate across the track, complementing the instrumentals well.  

The track “So Slow” is thought provoking and relaxing, dragging its feet along. This song has a maximalist style like one would hear on Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or on Kids See Ghosts’ “Reborn.”

“Galapagos” evokes beach and island vibes, as Yuno yearns for a paradise of his own. The “oohs” and “yeahs” in the background add depth to the song, while the trap breakdown throws the song in a different direction. This switch is reminiscent of those in Big K.R.I.T.’s “My Sub” series.



The versatility of the sound on this album is expansive, similar to the mix of sounds created by Run D.M.C. and OutKast. With hip-hop, rock, emo, pop and RnB flooding the record, “Moodie” represents the adaptability of hip-hop and its production. By blending these styles Yuno is paving the way for future artists alongside groups like Brockhampton. Hip-hop is indeed the base for this album, but Yuno flavors it with lively guitars, spacey, synthy vocals, and groovy basslines.  

“Moodie” is a synth-heavy pop experience that is driven by its originality, raw emotion and production. The passion put into this debut is evident and commands attention.



Yuno Moodie






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