[Single Review] Night Queen Releases New Track, “Rain Song / How It Goes,” From Upcoming Record “Speak in Waters”

By: Aliya Miranda


Night Queen was a refreshing find at the Sofar Sounds’ show a couple weeks ago. Comprised of a harp and a cello, they conjured up themes of nature that took their listeners to some ethereal place far from civilization, one that champions solitude and spiritual healing. With a rhythm reminiscent of slow drops of water, each pluck of Nina Lombardo’s harp cut through a bit of the listener’s tension. Their upcoming record, “Speak in Waters,” is aptly named and I was appreciative to see that the single they released in anticipation of the record, “Rain Song/How it Goes,” lived up to the live rendition I’d heard initially.

Night Queen cellist and cellist for Wax Wings, John David Eriksen’s skills as a percussionist shine through in this single. His steady beats, paired with Lombardo’s cool and at times even jazzy vocals, ground the dreaminess of this song into something you could bop your head to.

I encourage everyone to check out their new record when it drops on Bandcamp on Saturday, July 7th. Even more to love about this band, 10% of the album sales will go to a fund to pay for the release of immigrant and asylum seeking parents separated from their children. Do something good for yourself and the world and check out this record. You wont regret it.


Night Queen Cover



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