[Video Review] “Bee Into The Wave” by Drawing Boards

By: Jeremy Scott

I first listened to “Bee into the Wave” while watching the charming, yet unsettling (a perfect combination in my opinion) music video for the song. The video features a man desperate for a best friend, a friendship dance, and puppet murder.  The video coupled with the lyrics gives the song a Possum Kingdom by The Toadies, obsessive lover vibe.

The song opens with a driving distorted guitar that gives a sense of urgency leading into when the rest of the band jumps into the song. At this point in the song, the drummer uses clacking rim hits and the bass provides a thumping rhythm, which both pair with the guitar to push the song forward. Comparatively, the vocals are subdued and mellow, which is an interesting juxtaposition to the rest of the band. In the next phrase of the song, the vocals drop out and the instruments all open up. You feel a sense of nostalgia and begin to sway along with the song’s danceable groove. For the rest of the song, the pattern of going back and forth between the urgent phrases with vocals and the warm instrumental sections continues. I’m reminded of times in my life when I’ve had complex and conflicting emotions. Additionally, it brings to mind points of my life when I have had to make an important decision, yet was stuck between my choices.

I’m left wondering what the backstory is for the lyrics, “like a bee into a wave, I know you’re not afraid,” and “like a bee into the swim, you’ll never come back again.” The phrasing of these metaphors is original and interesting. I’m not quite sure what the meaning of the song is, but regardless, it is an impactful song. Overall, the song is catchy and will be one that I plan on putting on my regular listening playlist. The melody is simple, yet memorable and the rhythm is punchy and strong.  

The Queens, New York based band is made up of Jane Herships Doug Marvin, Aaron Pfannebecker, and Peter Rynsky. Their self titled record is out on Gentle Reminder Records.



Gentle Reminder Records 





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