[Single Review] Ryan Jones Takes Us To Space With New Track “Gold Pack”

By: Graham Johnson

Just recently (June 16), Savannah, Georgia artist ,Ryan Jones, released her new single “Gold Pack”. It had been a year since the release of “Artist”, her first produced single, so I found myself more than a little excited to hear what she had been working on all that time. Luckily, I was met with something fantastic.

Upon hearing this for the first time, my impression was that Ryan had definitely evolved in a very cool way. Expanding on the style of her previous single, “Gold Pack” is a wonderfully atmospheric example of spacey indie noise. Her iconic Fender has been layered in beautiful and harmonic layers, combining heavy chord strokes with light and bouncy lead riffs. One may also discern that the atmospheric pads that appear in the break come in the form of a highly effected set of keys. The few seconds that this occurs is enough to send you into another place, floating in space, awash in the cosmic waves of our universe. This is shattered shortly after by a dynamic burst of instrumentation and spacial noise that brings you back into some altered form of reality. “Gold Pack” is a powerful psychedelic. One that is potent enough to remove you and lasting enough to permanently alter your being.

The song has left me altered and with a sense of longing. Though, I know that sense of longing comes from a desire for a full length. I would love to hear seven or eight of these epic trips on one record. Hell, I would love to have it on vinyl. I want to play this at parties and during psychedelic journeys. I would love to put it in my CD player and take a drive through the mountains. On a stereo tape deck during a midnight picnic under the stars. Ryan Jones has effectively captured the essence of psychedelia in her almost spiritually connected music. So, be careful readers and listeners; don’t have too much.

Ryan Jones Fender_GP

“Gold Pack will change your fucking life.”


“Where’s my pack?”


Links & Credits:

Producer: Mag.lo

Photography: Liv Jonse

Graphic Design/Art: Chris Martin




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