[Video Review] “Bridges” by L.A. Hip Hop Group Substance Abuse

By: Natu Tweh

L.A. based hip-hop group Substance Abuse, consisting of Subz and Eso Tre, recently released the music video for “Bridges,” a silky smooth conscious hip-hop single that implores the listener to focus on the importance of relationships with others.

Fellow L.A. rapper Aceyalone features on the track, providing the perfect middle ground between Subz and Eso Tre. Subz takes his time with his verse, laying down the foundation for the track. Aceyalone switches up his flow throughout his, spitting lines out at one point and  steadily enunciating words at others. Eso Tre is on the opposite side of the spectrum, letting his ideas and advice just rapidly roll of his tongue. Together, they all establish solid metaphors and rhymes that show why love, bridges and cooperation are essential.

The chorus helps relays the song’s message, while Waes One and Philm One’s jazzy production make it extremely infectious. The flute that kicks in during the chorus carries it along like pollen on the wind. The chorus’s upbeat vibe enhances each passing verse, letting  positivity roam across the recording.

The video is simple but enhances the mental visuals from the lines and production. Various people including Substance Abuse and Aceyalone are shown entering cars and driving around. They are shown fist-bumping, talking, and relaxing. They are building bridges with strangers, and strengthening existing ones with friends. Bridges and cars take passengers from one point to another, and burning them down because some other opportunity requires that will only leave passengers stuck in one place.

Substance Abuse fashion a wavy, soul hitting and thought provoking piece with a sticky and fabulous chorus. It’ll make one bob their head endlessly while dwelling on the multitude of comparisons proliferating the piece. The song is a complete earworm chock full of imagery and alacrity that everyone can enjoy.




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