[Album Review] Winded Create An Emotional Headspace with “Schwartz Goes To Heaven”

By: Jeremy Scott

I hit play on the first track of the new album from winded, “schwartz goes to heaven”, and instantly I was transported to an emotional and introspective headspace. The hypnotic guitar tones and the dreamy vocals of Thrin Vianale pull you in and won’t let you go until the final track, “Swallowing Hair”, plays its last note. “schwartz goes to heaven” is one of those albums that you put in the cassette player, lay down in your bed, and just get lost staring into nothingness.


I am still learning about all of the different subgenres that are out there, but thanks to this album I now know that I have been missing out on dreampop. Although I haven’t yet listened to any other dreampop, I would wager that “schwartz goes to heaven” has the potential to be one of those albums that defines a genre. All of the tracks flow together, taking you on a dreamy journey through heartfelt emotions that you can’t help but identify with. The album leaves you floating through space, while remaining grounded in the emotional weight of it all.


The instrumentation and vocals on “schwartz goes to heaven” all flow so well together throughout the entire album, which reinforces the album’s hypnotic quality. The mellow guitar on each track lulls you into a mellow, melancholic state of mind which is only reinforced by the soft, nostalgic vocals of Vianale. Moments of especially intense emotional weight are punctuated with fuzzy, distorted guitar to great effect.


I’m not sure what is in the water in Tallahassee, but that city is consistently producing artists that know how to send you on an emotional roller-coaster. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys emotional, spacey music or indie music that has an undeniable 90’s vibe to it. Make sure to view our photos from their album release show and see Winded at the Hardback Cafe in Gainesville on July 22





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