[Single Review] DONKNG Drops “TV Laughtracks” Leading Up To New Album

By: Jeremy Scott

“TV Laughtracks” by DONKNG walks a fine line between genres, which is something that many bands can’t pull off. The song has both the emotional intensity of hardcore and an undeniably strong and hypnotic post-punk groove.  I had not listened to DONKNG before listening to this song, but I am thankful that they are now on my radar.



Although both the vocals and instrumentation are strong and somewhat dissonant, they are not garbled in the mix. Each of the song’s elements pierces through to provide a heartfelt ode to lonesomeness. The song features both heavy repetition and an almost droning quality, which mirrors the feeling of being trapped in your own isolation as described in the lyrics. The line “my phone vibrates on its own, I check it, I check it nonetheless, It’s keeping me from noticing, My lonesomeness,” resonates with me. Who hasn’t had that moment of excitement upon hearing their phone buzz, just to see that it’s yet another push notification from some app you’ve been meaning to delete? Overall, “TV Laughtracks” can be summed up as powerful and relevant to our society which is more connected than ever yet still lonely.

“TV Laughtracks” is the third single off of the upcoming album “Familiar Structures” by Gainseville’s DONKNG.





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