[Single Review] Ogikubo Station Release “Take a Piece of All That’s Good”

By: Hope Ankney

With a lively opening destined to have anyone bopping their head and tapping their feet, Asian Man Records’ Ogikubo Station have released a stellar single that leaves much buzz for their first full-length due to drop on August 24th.

“Take a Piece of All That’s Good” is a soaring track full of energy and good vibes. Bound with simple yet catchy melodies and a cutting, dominant vocal performance by Maura Weaver, there’s no doubt this folk-punk duo can rank with the likes of She & Him and Rilo Kiley. Mike Park’s voice blends seamlessly with hers as they cruise through the record on an upbeat high.


Every past release of theirs has been uncomplicated and sunny in tone as their rockier musicality gives them a much delighted edge. It’s been said that Park is one of Punk’s all time nicest guys, and as “Take a Piece of All That’s Good” conveys, it seems like Ogikubo Station plays some of the all-time nicest music.

Be on the lookout for their debut full-length, We Can Pretend Like, out August 24th on Asian Man Records.


Asian Man Records


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