[Single Review] “Erso” by Pool Kids

By: Hope Ankney

Catch the grunge and youthful angst that resides on Pool Kids’ newest single “Erso” as Christine Goodwyne uses her femininity as fuel to the world that tosses women around and keeps them rightfully angry and vocal.


It’s almost cathartic to listen to this clamoring single full of hollering percussion and rumbling guitar as a woman as Goodwyne’s cutthroat voice carries the track towards emotional release. Her unashamed and unmerciful lyrics are motivating in nature as she pairs it with a charged vocal transmission that only those who are as sick and tired of unchanging situations and exhausting upheaval can find solace in. Unlike artists who try and mask their vexation through breezier musicality, Pool Kids makes it a personal mission to highlight that anger and indignation and carry it into their sound. The pushing and pulling of the crashing waves this single creates is enough to show that Goodwyne isn’t messing around here, and she wants you to know.

Let the thick and unmistakable brashness of “Eros” light a fire under you as much as it did Pool Kids. This is only a precursor to their newest release, Music to Practice Safe Sex to.




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